Well, first things first, by repetitive we don’t mean to say that this children’s song is one of the not so good ones due to its repetitiveness. A large number of kids songs have a lot of repetition, but many of them are still pretty interesting and some even serve as a good tool to learn from for kids.

So what’s different with Ants Go Marching?

The thing with Ants Go Marching is that it’s even more repetitive than the kind of preschool songs we talked about, and there’s a bit too much repetition. However, if your kid doesn’t mind that, they may still be able to enjoy it.

And that’s because it actually has a pretty interesting story, although the level of fun may go downhill as the repetition increases.

What’s the story about?

As the name suggests, the story is about ants. And that’s what makes Ants Go Marching a pretty unique toddler song.

We have children’s songs on many topics, but few to none of them have anything to do with ants. But Ants Go Marching wholly dedicates itself to ants and does a fairly good job at that.
The story first has ants marching towards the ground one by one to get out of harm’s way, which is the rain in this goes. However, a little one of them stops on the way to suck his thumb.

Now, here’s where the repetition sets in, but with some uniqueness and increasing numbers as well. The second paragraph has the ants marching two by two, with the little one doing something different this time.

And this goes up all the way up to the point where we have the ants marching ten by ten, with the little one finally stopping to say “The End.”

While it can be fun as a kids song, it can also help teach numbers to kids, as well as the fact that it’s wise not to stay in the rain for too long.

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