Popular Names in the IT Industry of India

Anand Mishra is the founder of the company Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited, which is a registered trademark. Anand Mishra CEO of Star Infranet recognizes the potential and growing importance of online marketing, which is incredibly important in the media industry. Most television channels are only able to reach the highest level of popularity after building up their digital space. Hence, Anand Mishra CEO has stressed upon the digitalization of the famous newspaper, the Sunday Guardian.

Anand Mishra is not a new name in the market as he has plenty of experience of working in multinational companies. He has worked in senior management positions all over India as well as in consulting positions in India’s most popular travel agencies.

Anand Mishra CEO is really taking the company by a storm and using his entrepreneurial skills to his best advantage. Currently, he is involved in a new project to open a chain of hotels in the National Capital Region in Delhi. Moreover, he plans to partner with a famous global brand and will be launching a new chain of restaurants in the country which will be funded by the FDI.

His business strategy has proven to be quite successful and in no time, he has become one of the most celebrated and popular names in the IT industry of India. Furthermore, Anand Mishra CEO is not just a simple businessman and likes to take care of the people around him and give back to the society by helping others through charity work while being an active member of ISKCON. He sets an example of how to lead a business while helping society.

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iTV Network Is A Leader in Information TV

When we are talking about news reporting at its very best in India, then mention will be made of India News & NewsX. These two giants in the news media of India is the brainchild of kartikeya sharma linkedin. He has achieved a lot in the television sector in India. His two stations ring a bell in India with a viewership of over 91 million people across India.

The Profile Is Intimidating

If a man is good at what he is into, the results will show. The rising profile of this television pacesetter is intimidating; take a look at the following:

  • Two national news channels mentioned above
  • Four regional newspapers
  • Two newspapers
  • Various digital assets

In all the areas mentioned above, the approach has been total and he has succeeded in setting a pace for others in the industry to follow. He can be described as a genius in the industry going by his outputs. He has a rare degree of passion for success. His hunger to succeed where others have struggled is legendary.

An Award Winner

When somebody is good at what he does, awards and recognition will come his way. That is the brilliant story that is following NewsX. It is the proud winner of the prestigious eNBA awards. This channel is known for:

  • Crisp format
  • Direct reportage
  • Pointed debates
  • Trending hashtags
  • An engaging mix of stories

The above represents the trademark of this award-winning national television. What about India News Hindi Channel from her stable? It has risen to the top winning the confidence as well as the trust of the Hindi News Viewers. What about the foray into the print media? The results have been excellent, to say the least. This man indeed has a Midas touch in all that he does.

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